I have been supported by Divine Care for a number of months now, and there is nothing that I could ask for more of from them. The level of commitment to my needs and my goals is second to none. Nothing is ever too hard or too much. They have taken the time to get to know ME and my likes, desires and dislikes also. I MATTER and that has grown me the confidence to give things a go again, that I have been unable to do for many years due to my pain and illnesses. I so look forward to them coming and when they are not here, I genuinely miss their support and presence in my home. I’ve never ever felt uncomfortable, uneasy or pressured, however, I have always felt respected, validated and even appreciated for what I as an individual can still bring to the table, regardless of my personal or medical situation.
If you are looking for a Support team who will always endeavour to meet your needs, display an incredible level of integrity and honesty and will work with you to enhance your presence in today’s world, look no further!